Just In Time

Keep your efficiency high and cost low.

The Just in Time (JIT) concept was invented in Japan by Toyota Corporation to reduce the Work-in-progress (WIP) stock. The simple idea was to supply the material right when it was required on the assembly line, rather than keeping huge stocks in advance.

ElectricWay recognizes the similar situation in the Cable industry where large drums of cables are stock in advance at sites during construction. Beside the cost of the stock, the problem of pilferage and damage to the cables increase the cost of work and the worries of project management. At times missing stock can hold up the project.

How It Works

We worked out a Just-In-Time concept for our customers by offering our part-delivery service. Customers place their complete project order and provide the tentative schedule which they can confirm as the project moves. We ensure that we deliver in batches the required material and quantities to keep the project on schedule. Our computer driven processes allow us to enter multiple delivery schedules for a single order without losing track of material specifications and quantities.

From the time an order is received and validated by our sales and engineering, we enter the order in the system. Our financial team validates the customer accounts and confirms the order. At pre-determined intervals an pick-order is issued to our warehousing team and the material is assembled in the loading area for delivery. Truck drivers are provided the delivery orders and documents for completing the delivery. Proof of delivery is sent to customer’s project control office and later the financial obligations are completed.

For the JIT to work we have mastered a communication and cooperation model with customer’s project and site team. The JIT has been welcomed by customers who have benefited from our innovation.