Saudi Cable Company

Saudi Cable Company

Initiated in 1975, Saudi Cable Company (SCC) has been providing world-class cable products, services and innovate solutions for power and telecom networks worldwide.

Saudi Cable Company (SCC) has been producing premium products and giving quality services throughout their process. The commitment to serve quality to the customers has made Saudi Cable Company (SCC) one of the top 10 producers of power and telecommunication products in the world.

Saudi Cable Company (SCC) has been goal driven for over 40 years, satisfying the network needs of customers worldwide. The long-standing commitment showcased has made Saudi Cable Company (SCC) the Middle East’s leading provider of technologically advanced solutions and services. The products and services offered are also globally recognized for the innovative design and thoughtful engineering.

Saudi Cable Company (SCC) has 4 companies which all equally contribute to the ground-breaking solutions provided to the customers. Mass projects, Elimsan, Demirer Kablo and Midal Cables Ltd Saudi Cable Company’s most prestigious growth prospects.Through the supply of reliable products and services Saudi Cable Company (SCC) has a vision to become an exceptional provider for innovative cable and equipment solutions. By binding talent and forward thinking, the products and services provided are foreseen to exceed customer expectations.

Measuring improvement through transparent performance indicators, Saudi Cable Company (SCC) are dedicated to constant development, growth and improvement in all the possible aspects. Saudi Cable Company (SCC) has been achieving certifications from various dignitaries which depicts the path to a more successful future.