Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C is a joint venture between the Government of Fujairah and Ravin Cables Limited.

It is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company which is situated in Fujairah and is spread over a massive area of over 105,000 square meters which contains a highly skilled workforce.

Supplying high quality cables to the customers is a priority for Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C. The brand is renowned for its quality, reliability and commitment in the processes and towards the customers. The cables are ensured to go through the highest safety standard to result in a perfect design and quality.

Manufacturing plants are designed to test the cables produced as per BS, ASTM, IEC and other international standards. Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C has been supplying cables to the GCC and internationally including Europe and USA. Customers all around the world are highly satisfied with the products produced and supplied by Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C. The innovative design of the cables reduces transmission losses and installation costs. Further, the cables are regulated by ISO and ESMA (Emirates Authority for Standardization & Metrology).

The mission is to supply a range of superior quality cables to both domestic GCC markets and international markets. A variety of cables like high voltage cables, medium voltage cables, low voltage cables, specialty cables, wiring cables, fire resistant cables, instrumentation cables, LSF/ LSZH cables and PVC flexible cables are produced.

Although Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C provides top notch cables, constant research and development is done to further improve the quality. Having a satisfied customer base is top priority and hence providing new and innovative products to the customers pushes Power Plus Cable Co. L.L.C to perform better and be a leader in the industry.