Starting out as a small-scale mining project in Minnesota, 3M was first known as Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

In 2002, the 3M officially got their name changed to 3M Company. Now, 3M is a globally recognized brand producing products that aim to improve the everyday lives of people. 3M’s innovative designs and products is what paved the path for a successful brand which continues to grow today.

Initiated in 1902, 3M were persistent with their innovative techniques and collaborative relationships which has laid the core for 3M even today. The methods employed on scientific, technical and marketing innovations made 3M a standing name on the Fortune 500 list. Growing bigger, more than 60,000 products produced by 3M are used in homes, businesses, hospitals, schools and industries.

3M has established corporate operations in 70 countries and sells products in 200 countries. In 2013, 3M hit the billion-dollar milestone by having more than 30 billion dollars in sales figures. Science is used as a major tool by 3M to lead the progress into a successful future. 3M orchestrates technologies, products and people to improve the lives of people around the world. 2015 marked 3M’s issuance of its 100,000th patent, but this isn’t new to 3M as it issues around 3000 patents globally and 500+ granted in the US, every year.